Ginza Washita Okinawa regional antenna shop Tokyo

Antenna Shops in Tokyo’s Ginza and Yurakucho

Tasty Tripping Around Japan Without Leaving Tokyo

Written for GaijinPot, Tokyo. I’m obsessed with these regional shops and visited around 40 last year! They’re extremely popular with the Japanese but I didn’t see any other foreign customers. So if you want to see what the locals are currently lovin’…

Hokkaido Dosanka Plaza regional antenna shop at Kotsu Kaikan shopping centre Yurakucho Tokyo
Hokkaido Dosanka Plaza, home of the famous soft serve
Ginza Washita Okinawa regional antenna shop Tokyo
Ginza Washita, Okinawa prefecture shop
Gunma-chan chi Gunma prefecture regional antenna shop Tokyo
Gunma prefecture shop decorated with popular regional mascot, Gunma-chan

For more on Ginza, my favourite part of Tokyo, go to my story here.

antenna shops in yurakucho ginza tokyo


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