Kyoto, Japan

Oishii (pronounced “oy-shee”) is Japanese for delicious. Bites of Oishii celebrates delicious morsels of travel, culture and food from around the world, especially Japan.

Welcome to my cosy nook, carved out on the web. I’m Audrey Foo, from Melbourne, Australia.

My life could be neatly summarised as: before Japan/after Japan. Discovering Japan really inspired me to start this blog.

I have a background in marketing, events management and media relations in corporate IT, education, and media management and marketing for the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

I’ve been published in Australian papers such as The Melbourne Times and City Weekly, and on the websites of organisations including the Japan National Tourism Organisation, Japan Airlines and JapanTravel.com. I`ve also been published in GaijinPot, Japan Today and Escape magazine which are produced in Tokyo.

Two of my most popular posts are:

Glimpses of My Japan
Following Hayao Miyazaki’s Footsteps in Tomonoura, Japan

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my blog!

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