Top Japanese Artist Kohei Nawa’s Divinely Inspired PixCell-deer

Kohei Nawa is currently one of Japan’s most successful artists. I’m so rapt that one of his acclaimed “PixCell-deer” sculptures is in the permanent collection of the NGV International, the major state art gallery in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Various “PixCell-deer” are owned by institutions around the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

I celebrated Kohei Nawa in this piece for Escape magazine, produced in Tokyo.

Japanese artist Kohei Nawa's Pixcell deer is a sculpture of a deer covered in glass balls

Nawa maps the deer specimens by computer, then decorates them with crystal balls. He invented the portmanteau “pixcell” by combining the unit of a digital image (pixel) and the biological unit (cell). To me, the matrix of baubles on his “PixCell-deer” evoke metastasizing molecules, proliferating at hyperspeed like online data. 

More (and clearer) images are here: Kohei Nawa official website

I hope you can one day experience walking around a real “Pixcell-deer” in 3D!


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