Cafe Hattifnatt kichijoji Tokyo

An Insider Guide to the Best Food and Coffee in Kichijoji, Tokyo

Don’t you think Tokyo has the cutest, most gorgeous cafes? Kichijoji and Musashi Sakai in Musashino are packed with unique, playful eateries, but this area is still unknown to many tourists. I overate in the name of “research”. My highlights were the ridiculously juicy “menchikatsu” fried minced beef patty (worth the ten minute queue) and the bar with sake from all over Japan (grape sake, orange sake!) Go here for my story in, in collaboration with the Musashino City Council.

Kawaii caramel milk hot drink with bear cartoon Hattifnatt Cafe Kichijoji Tokyo
Oh-so-Japanese cute caramel milk, Hattifnatt cafe
Cafe Sacai, Tokyo cafe
Cafe Sacai, Musashi Sakai
manga-themed cafe in Kichijoji Tokyo Cafe Zenon
Manga-themed Cafe Zenon, Kichijoji

Main image: Hattifnatt, Kichijoji

You can go to the full story here.

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